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Wolf Fisting...
...those funky fingernails drive Stiles wild!! Dylan O'Brien! New!


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Luckiest nerd in the world. I love the expressions you choose.

Yes, this big smile headshot of Dylan was perfect for this pic!

FUCKK! I'm normally not into bondage and fisting and stuff, but this shit is sooo hott! But then again: DYLAN O'BRIEN

You've got to admit Dylan Loves that big fist!

im not a fan of fisting but he could fist me! im not eeven sorry

(Deleted comment)
Sure; Dylan is so ambidextrous; he can assume almost any position!

Hahahaha his face here is hilarious!!! Great picture!!!

Dylan is so fucking cute. Absolutely has to be a bottom.

He loves bottoming! That smile is very telling!

Thanks! Dylan is always an inspiration!

he sure does look happy! hahahaha
love the leaking cocks ;)

Damn I didn't know stiles likes to take fist up his tight ass too.

Stiles is more versatile than anyone thought!

I wonder which wolf is fisting him because I can think of many that would want to do that & more?

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