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Another inevitable pairing!!!
I did this one without any need for a request! The two Amell boys are just too hot for words!
They really get off on some mutual leather action! Repost.


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brothers time!!brove!!

They're both great to look at, but I'm losing patience with both of their shows; 'Arrow' keeps stringing-out the ridiculous island back-flashes - get off it, already! - and the plots in 'The Tomorrow People' are so pathetic and full of holes I squirm with embarrassment. The old British series were pretty awful, but I expected better from US studios with lots of money.

They are very hot yes!!! I love both shows! especially when they are halfnaked XD

Very nice indeed never knew they where brothers makes it a bit hotter
I'm looking for a new tv program to might give the tomorrow people ago

Theu are actually cousins, I believe....

Yes, who could resist putting these two together. They are so hot.

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