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Tyler's Toy
Dylan O'Brien and Tyler Hoechlin gave Tyler Posey this Fleshjack so he wouldn't feel deprived when they were not around to play!


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Omg this is a really hot pic. Tyler fucking a fleshjack, while rubbing his sweet tight hole mmm love the position and that facial expression completes it. Love this pic. Do you think you can do the other teen wolf guys fucking a flesh jack too. Awesome job btw.

I did one of Dylan O'Brien a while ago

Here's the link:


I bet Posey has a whole collection if toys cast from the guys on the show.

He doesn't need that! He can use my ass

Best expression ever. Love seeing a boy playing with his hole :) Amazing work.

He's just on the edge of a cumplosion!

ahhhh so yummmy, great facial exression

He's about to blow a big wolf wad!

You may not be able to swallow it all!

I wonder who Scott's fantasising about right now?

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