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Secrets of Anubis House...
The girls don't know it, but the boys of Anubis are serious about fucking! Burkely Duffield and Brad Kavanagh.


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Bloody hell that hot brilliant

Hey, nice to hear from you! Thanks. I think I'm in love with Burkely!!!

Easily the hottest pairing of Anubis boys!

I didn't know 'Anubis' before you started faking these cuties; I must check it out. What do you mean, it isn't a scene from the show? Rats!

It's a typical Nickelodeon show; but less silly than many of the others. It has a lot of ancient Egyptian intrigue mixed in with the British private school experience.The boys are certainly cute. Burkely doesn't show up until Season 2.

Edited at 2014-04-20 05:58 pm (UTC)

I love all your Burkely fakes. this one's awesome. just thinking of him in action fucking is mind blowing.

I am absolutely in love with him!

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