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This boy needs two...
Union J's hottie Josh Cuthbert needs two studs to get him off; and what a cumathon it is!


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Thought they all would be line to fuck Jaymi Hensley ass, or the new daddy since he wont be getting any for a while

He's quite hot, i love how hes getting fucked and sucked! :D

Very nice, He is very hot and luck suck and fucked how do you get that cum effect?

To get the cum effect I use the "airbrush" tool in Pain Shop Pro; white color; low opacity. Then to cream it up I go over it with the "smooth" tool.

Okay cool thanks I'll give it ago

not a fan of the guy but THIS FAKE…


Thanks! Yes, its a hot pose and such a monster dick!

Very hot!!!

So how you been?
Long time no talk

(Deleted comment)
Me too! Its the best way to cum!!

Very handsome and great work as this picture is wonderful.

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