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Taking Tyler!
The only way you can fuck Tyler Hoechlin is to tie him up and suspend him!


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Hot pic. If that's all it takes to fuck the mighty alpha, Let me go to the supply store and get what I need. Hot pic. I love seeing these guys getting bound and fucked.

Give tyler the pounding he deserves!! ;)

anyway only purpose counts LOL

I see that his dick is hard enough to be sucked!
I volunteer!!!!! I voluteer as trib-suckbute!

As your tongue hits his cock, he'd growl a bit; but you'd have him begging for more in no time!

Che bello Tyler bondage.
Vederlo legato libera le mie più sfrenate fantasie.

Il suo cazzo sta per esplodere e spruzzare sperma!

I wonder who's bound Derek this time?

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