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Sucking him dry...
Colton Haynes is just where we want him; anal stimulation and deep sucking!


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Fascinating expression. Very hot.

I like the expression too... you can read so many different things into it!

OMG thank you so much of Colton!!!

*pushing random guy away* HE'S MINE BITCH!

Colton has plenty of cum for two!!

colton loves getting his ass and cock taken care of at the same time ;)

That expression of uncertainty is so hot.

I wanna be they guy pleasuring Colton in both of his special areas at the same time. Love his expression. Hot pic

perfect! love his face! muah

A lot of guys have commented on the facial expression. It fits the picture!

Love all your work, but, especially Colton! Thank you!

Thanks! Colton is one of my favorite subjects!

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