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A Tale of Two Tylers...
Tyler Posey and Tyler Hoechlin share the same name and the same horny sex drive!


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i knew the two tylers had something going on ;) can i join?

Sweet something different from all the Derek and stillies

i would love to be in the middle of them

I wouldn't mind being the meat in the Tyler sandwich!

Yum. What a hot scenario. Great work. This is such a hot pairing.

Hot pic and hot pairing. Oh how I wish that was my bathtub they was fucking in. Can I join plsssss. I knew Tyler wanted to fuck Tyler :)

Always good to see the two Tylers together. What are the odds of two actors with the same name ending up in the same show? Spooky.

one tyler for 2
a good time

I wonder what Derek's teaching Scott about being a werewolf this time?

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