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I Got me a BIGGGG Toy!
Chris Pine's looking for someone to work that monster up his butt! Any takers?


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I can't choose which one I want more!
Oh wait.. It's CHris (P)fine I WANT HIM!

Imagine looking into those gorgeous eyes as he fuck you raw!

Everytime I close my eyes!! hmmmm ^^

Mmmm All hail the Captain!!!

very hot work!!amazing!!

I would love to work that dildo into his ass as long as after I do that he pounds my ass deep, raw and hard filling my ass with his cum as many times as he can.

I think he'll take that deal!!

Yeah. I bet he would love it.

Hot pic. He got two monsters. I volunteer to put one monster in his butt, while I put the other in my mouth ;)

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