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Gossip Girl Boys...
...in Bondage. Connor Paulo and Ed Westwick!


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Mm, Connor Paolo in bondage is so hot!

There seems to be a short burst of renewed interest in Connor Paolo; Arthemalle has just done a couple of fakes. He was rather a cutie.

He was always my favorite in GG, even in light of all the other eye candy. He's just so damn adorable.

Connor still has nobody to suck his cock!

Well, I'll take one Ed Westwick to play with. And a Chace Crawford too. We can do a looot of stuff together, even if they're tied up to the bed.

Excellent Quality. You really nailed their body types. Connor looks especially believable. Kudos.

Thanks! Correct body types and believable expressions are really important to me.

Yeah, the Connor body match is perfect.

Holy cow, Connor is just so fucking hot. I want to deep-throat his hard cock in a single motion. He's got to be leaking so much sweet pre-cum awaiting his turn.

He's nice and hard for you because he's riding a dildo on that horse! The cum will be especially fine quality!

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