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Gossip Boys Know the Ropes!
Blow jobs are better man to man. Chace Crawford knows!


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I want to be that boy and suck Chace's big thick cock so that he can fuck me well.

Move over dude! I can suck him off better!

Thank you for reminding us Chace is one hot stud!!!

Yes, boyishly delicious with an award winning smile!

Yes, is smile is truly amazing. Boner-inducing in and of itself.

Chase's smile would seem to say that his friend is doing a good job...which is too bad, I'd rather he fire his friend and let me do it.

how many guys would kill to be in this spot right now? lol

Chace is just so naturally cute!

Damn right they're better man to man! Too bad more "straight" guys don't realize this. You know damn well Chace is getting these from Colton Haynes and Shawn Pyfrom on a regular basis. Those three hang out together far too frequently to be "just" friends. More like fuck buddies. I think their posse has been labeled The Usual Suspects.

I suspect this par for the course in Hollywood circles!

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