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Bear Fucking...
Hugh Jackman never turns down a deep, hairy fuck!


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You should do a fake of Manny Montana from Graceland. He plays Johnny Tutorro and his character is in a gay affair.

Now that's how I like to see this DILF

Yummy, some Wolverine juice for breakfast!

Omg ! I love Thank you so much 😊 please can you do Paul and Ian Somerhalder , and Tyler Posey and austin mahone

i love fucking superhero!!

what “steady fucking” mean?

I love the Wolverine/Iceman pairing (and Wolverine/Cyclops), but there are lots of fanfics with Wolverine being too 'manly' to be the passive partner. Now we know the truth!

It just takes a super big cock!

Now that is a sight I never though I'd see!
Hugh as a bottom!
Very hot!

You've got to a good bottom to be a good top!!!

I love your fake of hunky hairy Hugh.
I love seeing him top and bottom, but this one is just awesome. :D

From the smile on his face, big dicks give him much joy

That's the way he likes it!

i love hairy guy especially with a big cock
thank you

Big meaty daddy cock. Very hot. One of the best Hugh fakes out there.

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