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A request over at JUB for Hugh Jackman doing Shawn Ashmore! Oh those superstuds!


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TG!i'm soooooo love you!!!!!!
one of my dream come TRUE!!!!!!

His ass is ice cold but this is hot.

Mmmm, I would love to bottom for hugh jackman any day

Really great! I happened to watch the first X-Men film on TV again last night, and was struck by how young everyone looked, especially Iceman and Pyro (that's a hot pairing too). A clean-shaven Hugh and a young, fresh Sean is perfect.

You know its all part of that X-Men training!

with a superhero i'm always fan!!
especiall with hugh jackman^^

Jackman and ash more or I this case assmore either way its one hell of superhero coupling

Now that's a good porn1

PS: I can't resist daring you to do them the other way round!

I'll put on my list; will do if I can find the right basepic!

Hot pic Shawn is enjoying that big dick very much.

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