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Join me in the Tub!
An invite from Logan Lerman for a special bubble butt bath!


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Rub-a-dub-dub id join him in the tub

I would join him without hesatation

mmmm ill join if you fuck me

thank you for the bubble bath, but yet I still feel dirty :)

Every one out my way am 1st
Great looking work , the facile expression dose look like he say "come hither " love how clean you make your work as well so smooth.

Thanks! Making them look real is my ultimate goal!

I would love some alone time with my favorite twink!


Yet, he spoiled the orgasm.

Love perspective manips like this, particularly when they show the point of climax. Very nice.

Always on the lookout for interesting base pics; this was my first in a bath!

Oh yes this is really hot. Love everything about it esp his face expression it's like he's saying "I know you want this dick so what are you waiting for". Jumps right in the tub

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