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Not just Bros...
Drew Roy and Connor Jessup of Falling Skies are more than just Brothers!


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Nothing wrong with your brother being your lover when your both that cute

what do we have here? a cock fight? great idea!
I'd love to see those two slippery swords dueling one another.

Connor Jessup is dreamy hot. Since he's younger, I prefer to imagine him as the bottom in this incestuous pairing. Older bro' always has dibs, right?

Exactly; older brother always rules!

Yes, Connor is very dreamy and so sexy too with a nice cock and what would you do if he wanted to **** you some day ??

i seriously can't get enough of your drew/connor fakes! please never stop! :D

What else? Get naked, lay down on the floor on my back, and get my feet in the air. I trust Connor would know what to do & be able to take it from there.

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