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BTR loves One Direction and One Direction loves BTR!
Just look and see! Reposts!


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Very nice love the Niall and Liam ones

Harry is loving that latino foot long inside him

Oh, how sexy and hot with big cocks fucking nice asses and gorgeous bodies too.

Very good work Paxart and when you get time more Boo Boo Stewart please and also David Archuleta.

Just had to check to make sure they were 18+ or over 21 in some states as required by law. Thanks again.

Niall loves to ride that Kendall cock. Great pairing - they make a totally cute couple.

Niall is riding James Maslow!!! He's actually my favorite BTR boy; but I know you're partial to Logan!

Ooops, yes - James. All my attention must have been directed at Niall. Plus "Kendall cock" is such wonderful alliteration. I knew that is James - I'm such an airhead sometimes. I definitely get the non-Logan BTR names & faces mixed up occasionally.

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