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Weighting the goods!
Holy Comicbook hero! They actually gave Colton Haynes something heroic to do on Arrow tonight! This is from a future episode! Trouble's ahead for Roy!


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perfect for his show premiere today now what else premiered this week The flash starring grant gustin and American horrror story staring Evan peters

lol if that sounds mean i didnt mean it i meant like i hope to see those boys to some day lol love your work i check everyday haha

Dosent look like hes to worried

Nice!!! Give me more of his bow!!

He'll be rescued in a Flash!

It would be nice to see him on the Flash show....He looks great in his scarlet costume, mask and hood!

Seeing him in that Arsenal suit, wow

Yes very hot!. Hope he gets more screen time!

Austin Butler's joining the Arrow cast next season.
I'm sure Austin's audition was simply "strip and show us everything you've got, Austin!".

Hot pic. I think he enjoys getting into trouble if he ends up like this.

Seems like it can handle a lot *gets undressed*

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