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How to Get Away with Murder!
Jack Falahee plays gay on the new series "How to Get Away With Murder"! With that cock, he's a regular "serial killer"!


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I get horny every time they show him having sex ^-^

The sex scenes are pretty graphic for broadcast TV!!!

I've been watching this show and he is soooo cute!! I love this fake of him!

Amazing work!! Really love this one!

I love him on that show. He is so sexy and he's looking lonely, imma keep him some company. Hot pic

I've seen the trailers for this on British TV. It doesn't attract me, but I'm glad to see there are attractive characters to fake.

I like the show very much; good scripts, great acting, interesting variety of characters and steamy sex scenes!

God he is sooo gorgeous! Can't take my eye off him during the episodes!

I feel the same way! Great show!

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