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Arrow Phallus
Superheroes ordinarily go through a scheduled ritual to have their cocks worshiped. Stephan Amell is waiting!


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This is so hot. I will worship that cock all while also giving his hole attention too.

oh... he expects you to tongue that hole...RIGHT NOW

New 'Arrow' tonight in the UK - I'm prepared to be disappointed, especially as I enjoyed the new 'Flash' earlier - but let's hope I'm wrong.

I think it's better this season. Colton has more to do. And they seemed to have moved from the Island (thank God) to Hong Kong!

I was pleased with the new series. At least he's back to ruthlessly killing villains, and all that wimpy stuff has gone. Unfortunately, the flashbacks to that blasted island now feature Hong Kong - it could be just as annoying.

I can't choose what I wanna do to him!
finger him
fuck him
suck him
getting suck by him!

Such a lovely menu of choices...

I'm want to see him riding a cock

I usually see him as a top, but there are few pics of him getting fucked; check out the past pics by clicking on his name on the left.

I think I've seen all his fakes and none show him as a bottom

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