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Haze of Ecstasy...
Colton Haynes knows just how good a fuck can be!

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I was glad to see a bit more of Colton in the new 'Arrow', where everyone has stopped being so wimpish. That's the bit we don't see.

Colton is always a great bottom! He loves riding that cock

I think Red has hit his mark

Yes, Finally; he looks great in his red gwet up; but those hoods! How do they see sideways???

mmmm can i bloe him while he's fucked

Sure; he's already leaking some cream. Get your tongue over there...

hehe yay *i run over and lick it up*

Wow amazing looks brilliant colton so sexy and you made him look sexier, he dose look like he is enjoying him self like

This one worked out real way; very artsy!!

Oh course he knows, he's such a cum slut when someone offers their dick to him. Hot pic

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