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Taking Connor...
Connor Jessup likes to be taken while nipple teased! Bliss!


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His nipples are as hard as that cock up his ass.

one of the best feelings. hot pic

Go right ahead. I'll be in line right behind you. Connor is far too hot not to be simultaneously shared by multiple suitors.

I think this guy is so underrated. I don't know why he flies below the radar so much. Gotta love the modesty of those hot Canadian actors.

Fantastic fake, pax. Love the nipple play. What a gorgeous pair, too. Don't blame his top for having a taste. For whatever reason, I definitely picture Connor as a bottom. So this is perfect. You just know he craves the cock. I love the slight peek at his soft, smooth heel resting on his top's thigh. His facial expression seems to indicate he hasn't ever taken one quite this big. He's not quite comfortable yet, but he'll get there in fairly short order. His hard cock is a good indicator that he's already beginning to enjoy that fine piece of meat massaging his prostate. Hopefully that guy will be thrusting balls-deep in no time.

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