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Sinister and Sexy!
Tom Hughes specializes in sinister characters that ooze sex!


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mmmm that's a nice thick long cock he has their and it looks like it needs my tongue to clean up the mess it made and then to have my ass ride it and help milk him again.

I love this fake! Tom Hughes is so sexy! Can I ask, who is the body model you used? I'd love to find more images of them!

It's from a Fuckermate shoot with Kayden and Alejandro; don't know the last names...

The full name of the guy used in the base body is Kayden Gray

Thank You for your reply, your artwork is just delicious! You've given me hours of pleasure haha!

Ooh, he looks deliciously dangerous!

He was on one of the Ms Marple BBC mysteries; sex appeal for days!

I don't know who he is, but damn, this is a hot piece of work. Excellent! (P.S. I'm going to have to search up the base body photo you used here because I think I've got something I want to fake with it too :P)

I found a few, but they all have watermarks. Did you remove the watermark yourself for this fake?

Yes; I always remove the studio or website...

What's your email address; I'll forward the picture shoot to you.

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