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Someone just LOVES cock!
Guess who! Niall Horan, of course! Open wide!!!


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Hmm Niall is a hot blond slut but that why I like him
He always like to share his talent

The more cocks, the better Niall likes it!

THAT FAKE IS SO PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

he's such cock slut, one cock just doesn't do for him.

Wow, filthily hot fake, pax. I love the bukkake nature of it. Love the "lighting," too. Not sure if that was intentional. It's almost as if one of those lucky dudes is shining a Maglite down on Niall's head, creating a spotlight effect. After all, Niall IS the star of the show, isn't he?

I love that the cum shots are starting to .. come. I hope someone drenches his Heat Miser 'do. After the semen dries, his hair will be even spikier.


Easy there Niall! You almost bit off my dick!

Pax, what if Niall saw this picture and came to you and said " come on lets have a good time ! "

I would take off my pants and point my dick towards his pretty mouth!

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