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Prom Invitation!
Anyone want to go with Colin Ford!

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Wow, I'll gladly steal the honors to reply to this masterpiece first. Oh FUUCCCKKKK!!!

More later. I have something that needs tending to.

I would...but it might be more fun to stay in and have a wild night all to ourselves ;)

I do. I accept the invite. And then I'll treat him to a fun night. And maybe invite mike vogel. We'll fuck him together.

I'd take him to prom. But if he looked like that, we'd never get there. I'd pull the limo over and fuck him all night

Okay, now some real feedback. That thing that needed tending to has been tended to. As others have mentioned, I would accept a prom invitation from Colin Ford in about 1 second. But yes, we wouldn't be spending much time at the actual prom. Sure, we'd make the requisite cameo appearance, get some pictures taken to prove we were there, maybe nibble on a little food.

But most of the night would be spent up in the hotel suite, with Colin in this very position. I'd feast upon that freshly anointed 18 y/o twink hole, finger it, eat it some more, and fuck the holy hell out of it.

Dreamy fake, pax. Really love the prom subtext, too.

Forget the prom, he can ride me any time!

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