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Suck this tool!
Tough boy Logan Lerman has a demand!


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Auditioning to be the next Spider Man

Yes as sadly Andrew Garfield was deemed unsuitable anymore or he quit due to bad reviews.

hot logan pic id love to follow the ommand lol

With pleasure ;). This guy's hot. Great work.

Thanks for all the recent comments! Always appreciate hearing from you!

My pleasure. You're so prolific, the least I can do is comment. Thanks for all the eye candy in my feed ;).

Spider-Man - that's the superhero I'd heard he was to be! I'd love to see that pretty face in more superhero action.

Ask and you shall receive Logam. God you're work is so enticing. I love it! Keep up the great work

Thanks! Appreciate the praise!

Omg! you turned me on Logan like that! *-*
Thank you, I just want to suck it

hot pic. that dick needs some attention and his balls looks so full and needs to be sucked on hard.

Omg this is amazing :o I hope you make a logan in bondage again someday too! :)

I love this fake! His face, so hot!

Yes, I picked that headshot because the face is so sexy!

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