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50 Shades of Jamie
Christian Grey likes giving it to girls, but taking it from boys! Jamie Dornan!


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more more plz!!!!!!
that is too awesome to breath!

Yep practice makes perfect!!!

Oh Christian, we were aware of what you did behind closed doors, but not of what you did in the closet! I would love to gag on his thick rod and then just climb on top of him. Fucking sexy as hell! Thanks Pax

Glad you're so into Christian Grey!

thats cuz that boring bitch can't satisfy him the way a man can.
straight sex is wasted, cuz we all know, us gays have the best skills to pleasure the guys

Haha, you killed me.
I think you're absolutely right! Gay powa

i know cuz my girlfriends always complaining that they dont like the taste of dick, and they hate to suck dick and they said they do it for 3 minutes and thats it, they dont want it anymore.

lol so you see, thats why straight guys are missing out on real sex, the really hot sex. cuz women can't pleasure them the way other guys can.

Good for him; why waste half the population?

So hot to see him getting a taste of his own medicine. Looks like he's enjoying it too.

i would definitely go see this movie.

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