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Claiming leadership...
Kendall Schmidt claimed out his leadership early by giving the other boy band members like James Maslow a Big Time Rush!


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I just love Kendall and I fucking love your fakes of him, you know how to put him in sexual positions and in amazing bodies!
Thank you for making me horny ♥ ♥

I love Kendall too! So sexy!

Yes! Omg, I just want to be fuck by him all night long!

And what better way to claim leadership than to start with the cocky one. Love it. My two faves from the group.

Excuse me while I go clean the cum off my chest from this. Fuck do these two look sexy as hell.

Delightful; I love James's expression.

He always loves being stuffed!

Very nice! Kames! My absolute favourite!

My two favorite BTR hunks going at it hot and heavy...instant jizz

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