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Hot to Trot
Just one lick of tongue on that red hot cock will cause Jake T Austin to erupt!!

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Well then by all means, let me just put your whole cock in my mouth, because I want so savour every last drop of your baby making juice ;). Lovin it Pax

i wanna suck that hot veiny monster

He must be building up a nice hot load in his balls.

It'll shoot like "old Faithful"!

Just as big a tourist attraction as well.

What a beautiful, enticing, welcoming smile. Yummy.

...and what a mean looking cock!!!

He is so delicious <3 I love it <3

Sure would love to lick this luscious hard dick of Jake's and watch it erupt in white thick cream. Jake is gorgeous.

Re: Jake T. Austin

His cum is hot and spicy!!

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