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Blond Bombshell...
Toby Hemmingway has all the goods! Some of you may remember him as the hot bad boy in The Covenant.

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Spooky: I watched 'The Covenant' again on TV only the other day, and he was a pretty blond contrast to his dark-haired friends, including Steven Strait, who I also watched again in 'Sky High' with the lovely Michael Angarano. A bumper week!

We must have a psychic link!!!

It's just to hot <3 Love it

Since hes the only blond in the group of friends you know who is the bottom bitch. Wonder if they could use their powers to prolong their cumshots for hours.

So funny that movie was critically lambasted; I thought it was great!

Its not my favorite movie but it was good. Best scene is the pool shot were they're all in Speedos.

We all loved that scene! Pictures and fakes of it on JUB first alerted me to the film, and that made me watch it.

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