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Asses beware!!!
Jake T. Austin is packing some serious heat!

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Beware, Indeed!!!

That thing can really hurt!

Any guy who can thake that twink's cock deserves a dam medal.

It will be in the shape of doughnut with a enlarged hole!

Yeah filled to the brim with sweet cream

Jake T. Austin! He's so hot! And this cock.. gosh

He's so hot and cute, whether solo or in action. Could David Henrie handle that monster? I'm sure he'd give it a good try.

Oh my god I would love to ride that big monster

Damm! That thing is beautiful!

I wouldn't call this heat, I'd call it an inferno. Fuck yes

Love you Jake as you are a doll with that nice body and long thick firm erect cock to suck on and those nice thick kissable lips too.

Re: Jake T. Austin

He's waiting to stuff that spear right down your hole!

So hot fuvk me daddy

Bet that dick will slide in nice and smooth!

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