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New movie role!
Liam Hemsworth's next movie role!! Hubba!

My thanks to Killystein for the original artwork.

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Super-hot as always, except those horrible tattoos. The cock looks about right for such a hunk!

That's why I fantasized it was a new movie role; the tattoos are done by the makeup people!

but he do look like a good wrestler!

My new dream is to wrestle naked with Liam Hemsworth... And the other Hemsworth brothers! YUMMY! Thanks Pax, fantastic work

That would be a tag team worth seeing!

I love Killystein's Work! You did and awesome job! I wanna wrestle with Liam so badly!

You're not tired? Everytime you kill me with your fakes of my heroes..! They are so perfect! I could sit on that big dick all night long

OMG Liam is down on the ropes.

Look out Rock, there a new stone cold in the ring

DELICIOUS! I'd love to savour that dick!

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