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Backstage at Nickelodeon!
The boys have ditched the girls!!! Rahart Adams does Jack Griffo.

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The Nick boys are finally learning you don't need those prissy girls for them to have a good time.

Jack Griffo getting fucked again. Now that's something that NEVER gets old. Beautiful. And by Rahart Adams this time. Hot Damn, yet another stunning Nickelodeon twink. I could swear they simply run these hotties off an assembly line at some top secret manufacturing facility in the Mojave Desert. Speaking of backstage, I wonder how many times Rahart & Nick Merico fucked on the set of Every Witch Way?!! Hopefully a ton.

Absolutely fantastic face pic selections. Yet another of Jack closing his eyes in euphoric bliss, and I love how Rahart is looking right at him. The sign of a truly great top - the ability to look at your bottom's facial expressions to see exactly what's making him feel good. Damn, Pax - you are the MASTER! Absolutely wonderful stuff.

Check out the listings for Merico and Rahart; I believe I have them fucking in several pics; switching top and bottom!!!

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