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Savoring the Entry...
Jack Griffo is filled with entry level anticipation!

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Nick boys always start from the bottom and work their way up and down

Those nick boys are always craving cock!

Nick should have their boys doing gay porn instead of these crappy shows

Or at least gay sitcoms! Could you imagine the uproar!

Yeah like Big Time Thrust, Drake In Josh, and iFreddie a web show of a naked Nathan Kress

Jack is so fucking pretty. Glad he gets fucked a ton in PaxWorld. I don't get Nickelodeon anymore, as we cut the cord a little over a year ago. Have to see if Meet the Thundermans is on Netflix.

Terrific face pic, Pax. Woof, Jack can't wait for that cock to penetrate his tight hole. Look at how hard his twink cock is! Love his feet resting on the chair arms. He's about to do some serious riding! Hot as fuck.

You can get the Thundermans with a torrent client; just make sure you have a hidden IP address service.

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