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Party at Logans's!
Logan Lerman knows what he wants for Christmas!

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There's always a party in Logan's Place :)

Great three-way; I can watch lovely Logan doing anything, preferably with someone else, so well done. Being bi, I've searched for a fake of him with a girl, but no luck so far; he seems only to be a gay icon!

Logan and Belami boys <3. Loving this! :)

Could party hard with that tight ass of his

Wow really nicly done looks fantastic really enjoyed this one
Nice one

Logan is so damn fine. The BelAmi/Kinky Angels boys are an excellent group for him to play around with. He fits seamlessly into their twink kingdom. Could definitely see how he'd be the object of affection for all the other boys to top.

Fantastic choice for the base layer sex photo. Love the position. Nothing quite like getting fucked while simultaneously getting your dick sucked. Logan sure seems to be enjoying it. Love the great angle of his pretty feet.


Hohoho! I forgot about your foot fetish; Logan's feet look scrumptious here.

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