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The Alpha breeds the Chimera!
Serious fucking from Tyler Posey & Cody Christian!

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The alpha dog needs to show the pups who's the boss and Tyler knows he's not the bitch

...and Theo has been a bit of a handful...that boy needed training!

How is Cody now screaming in ecstasy? How is Tyler not grunting and smirking at the bitch taking his cock! I would be crying from happiness and jizzing nonstop, from either end.

They're just posing for the camera! Imagine what the video is like!

Alpha's are the kings of their pack

I'm so glad you like smoothness as much as I do - though a bit of a hairy chest can work too! That's wonderfully hot and exciting.

I pretty much like men in all forms; but I do have a soft spot for blond twinks!

hot pic. Tyler is showing his dominance to Cody.

Is this how Scott punishes his betas because if it is I think there'll be more misbehaving betas in his pack very soon?

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