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Supernatural Season Finale...
...is a BDSM dream come true! Jared Padalecki!

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I keep seeing trailers for the umpteenth series of 'Supernatural', but have to wonder what new plots they can dream up. I enjoyed the early series with the hot brothers, but gradually lost interest, as I've now done with 'Arrow' and 'Flash' - but I love the fakes.

I agree that some of these series go on too long; I was never a fan of Supernatural; just think the boys are cute; Vampire Diaries next season is supposedly its last; about time!

Definitely a dream come true! Would love to come home to a tied up Jared. Mm-mmh! ;D

I used too LOVE supernatural especially the earlier seasons, but now sadly i've lost interest in the show. i will always find the guys cute tho. but i love the fakes and find them super hot. i love this fake, i would love to walk in a room and have Jared tied up and at my mercy. great work.

Thanks; I don't watch the show either, but agree the guys are cute. Some of these shows go on way too long!

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