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Ready to "Spray"
Dylan Sprayberry is a natural at "sexy"!

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Oh wow, it's a perfect first fake ;) Thank you !

I hadn't heard of him before the usual 'under-18 headshot' spats on JUB (why don't people just keep quiet?), but he seems an attractive new face.

I agree; this headshot is two months before his 18th birthday... close enough... will post on JUB when the furor dies down...

Absolutely LOVE this one!!

Well done buddy!!

Mmmmm tasty! An excellent fake, and I love that this is the first one I've ever seen of Dylan. It'll really help me imagine that I'm being plowed :)

He turned 18 earlier this month!

Just turned 18 and hes ready to let that cock loose

Oh yes! We've all been waiting!

he is a natural indeed. i can be a natural at riding his cock too.

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