paxbias (paxart) wrote,

Krypton Inter-Generational Sex Time Warp

Seg-El fucks Kal-El across time!

Grandfather and Grandson!

Tags: cameron cuffe, krypton, smallville, tom welling

  • James Just Loves Ball Gags!

    Vlord and I decided to add a red ball gag to my James Maslow Halloween romp!

  • Stop that Moaning....

    Those vibrating wands drive James Maslow crazy; an added red ball gag does the trick to keep him under control! Thanks to Vlord for the gag work!

  • Open Mouth...Insert Gag

    This older pic of Kendall Schmidt with a wide open mouth cried out for a red ball gag! Thanks to Vlord, it came to pass!

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